Stepping Stones of HOPE


We will connect unmet needs with available resources. MOHH will explore gaps in community resources and work towards addressing them.


We will educate and train individuals to be self- sufficient. MOHH is an advocate for educating the community about unmet needs.


We will provide opportunities for skill development and practical application of life skills. 


We will empower individuals to navigate through life's challenges and to "pay it forward".

Mission of Hope House Is...

What is the MOHH

Mission of Hope House of Wisconsin, Inc., is a remarkable hometown story. This grassroots initiative began with individuals recognizing an unmet need and banding together to end homelessness by helping our neighbors. MOHH is the first comprehensive homeless shelter serving Waupaca County and the surrounding counties.

MOHH Mission

To promote self sufficiency and improve the lives of families affected by poverty and homelessness.

MOHH Vision
To engage our community in the fight to end homelessness.

MOHH Donate

MOHH has a few ways that you can support our Mission and Vision.  Donate your time, resources, monetary,, and supplies for the MOHH. Please see our donation tabs for options. 

Lori Prahl Shares MOHH Mission With Rotary 

Club in Clintonville, WI

Our program at this week's meeting was offered by Mission of Hope House Co-Founder Lori Prahl. The Mission of Hope is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote self-sufficiency and improve the 

lives of families affected by poverty and homelessness. Their

facility is located in New London but they have helped families from 17 different Wisconsin counties with most clients from Waupaca and Outagamie counties. Mission of Hope House is the only shelter in Waupaca county for homeless families and they play a crucial role in supporting the most vulnerable segment of our society. Prahl was the guest of Rotarian Sara Mullen-Hornung.

Written by: Jeff Hoffman

Do you have a group or organization that is looking to get involved with the community?  Schedule a time for Lori, Co-Founder and Mission Ambassador,  to come share Mission of Hope Houses Mission and Vision with your organization, club, group, etc.  Help us fulfill Our Vision, “to engage the community in the fight to end homelessness”, send an e-mail to Lori at or call (920) 359-0705.

Mission of Hope House is looking for compassionate, responsible individuals to provide support to families on the 2nd and 3rd shifts.

Basic office knowledge, strong written/verbal communication skills, and problem solving abilities required.

Experience in healthcare, security, daycare, AODA,

and / or office is desired.

Questions:  920-249-4553

Apply by sending your resume to: 

March & April Postponed

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